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Dr. James Wilkes

Poet; Senior Researcher in the Department of Geography, University of Durham; Associate Director of Hubbub

I am a poet, writer and researcher who works with the textures and rhythms of spoken and heard language. This means that my writing practice is frequently a listening practice, involving the use of notated, recorded and/or transcribed sonic material. It is often an iterative process in which repeated listenings and writings through relatively lo-fi technologies (ear, hand, keyboard) produce new possibilities for text and performance.

Recent examples of work with listening at their core have included a poetry residency with the Speech Communication Lab at UCL’s Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, a performance score created from audio transcripts of experience sampling interviews, and an ongoing project of writing through/with Renaissance chansons by Josquin des Prez, using compositional strategies derived from listening to create new works of poetry.

I am Associate Director of Hubbub, a collective of researchers and artists exploring rest and its opposites – including noise, work and mindwandering – as the first recipients of The Hub Award at Wellcome Collection.

James Wilkes