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Dr. Michael Bull

Prof. Sound Studies, Sussex University, co-editor Sound Studies Journal

I came to sound largely as a sociologist -  what interested me was the role of new sonically based technologies in the construction of our sense of the social. This was, with hindsight, the subject of Sounding out the City. Personal Stereos and the Management of Everyday Life. (Berg 2000). Confronted with digitization I followed this up with Sound Moves. iPod Culture and Urban Experience. (Routledge 2007). In between came The Auditory Culture Reader (with Les Back) and the formation of the Journal, Senses and Society (with David Howes). Both reflect a concern to interrogate and develop the interdisciplinary and multi-sensory connections of sound studies. More recently, there has  been  a  2nd edition of  the  Auditory  Culture Reader (Bloomsbury 2016. 90% new!) and a new Sound Studies journal edited with Veit Erlmann (Routledge). I’m writing a new monograph on Sirens. From Myth to Materiality for Bloomsbury which will be followed by a book on the sounds of World War One (Palgrave) and a Key Concepts in Sound Studies (Routledge). Almost finished is the Routledge Companion to Sound Studies which will be published in 2017. Last but not least – I have a new book series entitled The Study of Sound (Bloomsbury) – on objects, concepts and issues in 50,000 words – please submit!!