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Chris Wood

Doctoral student Queen Mary, University of London

My research and practice centres around the production of space through texture and rhythm, with particular attention to sound. I am interested in the ways in which sensory technologies construct lived experience both on an individual, phenomenological level and across networks. A parallel career as a radio producer informs my work, with speech, narrative and reportage acting as key pillars in my practice. I'm currently working towards a PhD in Media and Arts Technology at Queen Mary, University of London. My work has been shown at Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid; Sonar Festival, Barcelona; Matt's Gallery, London; The New School, New York City and The Banff Centre, Canada.

I conduct soundwalks both as a pedagogical tool to bring greater awareness to the audible realm and as a way of exploring the social, architectural and economic rhythms taking place around us. Putting attention on sound can bring rich information about the shape, scale and materiality of the city. It can also alert us to changes which are taking place and give us prompts to question the way space is experienced and motivated by different groups.