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Listening Across Disciplines (LxD) is a network project that brings together artists, musicians, scientists, technologists and social scientists as well as scholars and practitioners from the humanities, to work across disciplinary boundaries on the recently emerging focus on sound and listening.


Salomé Voegelin and Anna Barney would like to warmly invite you to engage in our monthly changing questions around listening.

The aim of this network is to initiate an exchange that draws together auditory research initiatives and methods from across the disciplines to advance their status and use, and to generate a space where culture and science can collide to generate new knowledge and create innovative modes of knowledge production that bring value within and between the disciplines, and ultimately to a general public.

The project has been awarded an AHRC grant and is run by Dr. Salomé Voegelin (PI), Reader in Sound Arts at the London College of Communication, UAL, and Co-I Dr. Anna Barney, Professor in Biomedical Acoustic Engineering at Southampton University. Read more.

Your answers will be collected by the project team, and will be vital in giving us insights into how you listen, and how you interpret what you hear.

This in turn will allow us to understand and evaluate listening in relation to knowledge, communication and how we live.


Listen back to our radio broadcasts sharing the discussions from our three Network Events.

Science Sound Walk

Listen back to documentation of the LxD Science Soundwalk with Maria Papadomanolaki, exploring how a focus on listening can enhance the Southampton Science and Engineering Festival.

Listening to work, lives & needs

Interview with Muki Haklay Professor of Geographical Information Science at University College London.

Listening means Discovery

Interview with Cheryl Tipp Curator of Wildlife & Environmental Sounds at the British Library.

What would you like to hear?

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Network Events

Through the framework of three network events key participants from a range of disciplines and professions conducted a cross disciplinary exploration of the status, method, and evaluation of listening. Read more and listen back to the presentation and discussions at these events.