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Dan Scott

PhD Student, LCC

I am an artist, teacher and PhD student at CRiSAP (Creative Research in Sound Art Practice) at the University of London. My research explores practices of listening in dialogical and participatory art.  For me listening is a methodology for developing practice - both works that sound and works that are developed through dialogue - as well as a series of techniques and strategies that create unique spaces for practice to occur.  For many of the projects I work on, listening is the necessary foundation stone for a successful work.  My PhD research builds on this notion, proposing the existence of a listening art, distinct from a sound art, where listening's various aspects (openness, attention, desire, focus etc.) act as both a medium and a mode of engagement, and where sound may not end up being the main outcome.  Recent projects include being the sound artist for the Magic Me project Speak What You Find, an intergenerational, dialogical theatre piece devised over 18 months with residents of Tower Hamlets, Spaceship School, an experimental learning space for children and their carers held at Tate Britain, Athelstan Sound, a monthly workshop in sound and listening in Margate, Kent as well as the exhibition Liberation Through Hearing, an installation piece exploring the history of telephony and spiritualism. I also tutor and run units in sound and listening for MA students at the Royal Central School of Drama where I focus on the practice of listening as a method for devising performance and design.