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Maria Papadomanolaki

PhD Student, LCC

Maria Papadomanolaki is a Greek sound practitioner and researcher currently based in London. Her work and research focus on creating collaborative listening

experiences in sites within the urban environment that are associated with migration, transience and change. Either in the form of conversational and telemetatic soundwalks, outdoors listening events, durational broadcasts or exploratory workshops, Papadomanolaki is interested in activating, within the sites in question, a sonic perceptual ecology that can enrich our inherent potential as listeners and of questioning through sound our certainties and perceptual finitudes in relation to our surroundings.

Papadomanolaki has presented her work and research at galleries, conferences and festivals in Europe, UK and the US. She holds a PhD on Sonic Perceptual Ecologies at CRiSAP, UAL, London. She is the co-editor of the publications Transmission Arts: Artists & Airwaves (PAJ Publications, 2011), sounds remote (SoundCamp/Uniformbooks, 2016) and is the producer of Sensing Cities, an ongoing series of interviews broadcast on Resonance FM.