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Dr. Rob Mullender

Lecturer on the Live Events and Television BA, and Sound Arts and Design BA courses at London College of Communication, UAL

Dr. Rob Mullender produces sculptural, sound, 2D, performance and moving image works when he can, and occasionally records, designs and mixes sound for film. He produces sounding objects. Typically these take the form of sculptures which contain different analogue (as distinct from digital) or acoustic sound production techniques, which are readably and structurally part of the objects themselves. They are often then used to make a video or sound work, disrupting or colluding with the camera or recorder, articulating or modifying the surrounding space, be it physical and sensual, social and performed. Often, a performative aspect to his practice comes to the fore; pieces may require activation, or are contextually bound by relations with bodies and places. He thinks of these sculptural works as passing points, pieces of territory through which ideas and energy are changed and exchanged, or synthesisers which require the spectator’s attention for them to operate through his or her engagement as watcher,  listener or even operator.

Most recently, Rob has curated and exhibited in Works for Air at the Hanover Project in Preston, performed both Minor Conspiracy for adapted reed organ and eight breathing participants, and Happy Ending - a site specific (street based) intervention for improvising musicians and massage parlour TV screen. Rob received his PhD in 2011, which looked at how light could be used to synthesise sound, and teaches on the Live Events and Television, and Sound Arts and Design courses at the London College of Communication – part of UAL.  He is a Leverhulme Artist in Residence at the Brunel Museum, in London.