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Sophie Mallett


Sophie Mallett is an artist exploring sound and the re-territorialisation of networked global economies and people. Incorporating thinking, listening and action around surveillance and sound, Mallett focuses on sounds’ intersection with affect, politics and value. With a specific emphasis on radio her work often creates connected and shared listening experiences.

Educated at London College of Communication, Open School East, and Conservatorium of Music, University of Sydney, Mallett’s practice is both interdisciplinary and collaborative. Recent projects include: Artist in residence at [SPACE], London 2016; Horrid Little Hands, Eastside Projects, Birmingham 2016; Liminal States, RCA, London, 2016; Project Radio, &Model, Leeds, 2015; Live ASMR, Resonance FM and Open School East, London, 2015; Sonic Blind Dates, Tate Britain, London.

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