Phase 5: Data Sonification


Three data graphs showing relative poverty, anchored poverty and relative child poverty, all in relation to ethnicity from 2010-2019 A data graph showing relative poverty, anchored poverty comparing male and female from 2010-2019

LXDII has moved into a new phase of research with its partner: the Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion (CASE), London School of Economics. Dr Tania Burchardt and Dr Bert Provan are sharing their research on the different dimensions of social disadvantage, particularly from longitudinal and neighbourhood perspectives, as well as impacts on public policy.

Our partner Dr Sandra Pauletto, an expert in sonification and sound design, is integral to the work we are doing with CASE. Sandra is producing a sonification from their social exclusion data. This will help establish whether listening to non-sonic information (e.g. numerical data, graphs) can generate new insights and knowledge.

We are interested in the pedagogical side of data and sonification and are planning three incremental workshops as part of the research. We are also working on the qualitative side of data collection and will explore what, if any, listening protocols might exist between the recorded encounters of people and sensitive information.